Na`Vi and DK in $10,000 Premier League

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 19 December 2011 17:30
The tournaments are already adding up for Dota 2 which, as most already know, still rests in its' beta phase. The newest addition is The Premier League where 10 top teams from all over the planet will battle it out for 2 months starting January 4th.

The Premier League is created by Laurent 'Ange' Blum, sponsored by and covered by DotaCommentaries. And finally, we see some of the biggest teams of DotA - the WC3 edition, join in with some of Dota 2 teams with recent achievements. They will play together in a league system, where all face each other in best-of-2 matches. The teams will be awarded with points using the regular sports system; 3pts for a win, 1pt for draw and 0pt for a loss.

Premier League teams
Denmark SK
Serbia FnaticMSI
Ukraine Na`Vi
Europe 10,000h
Malaysia MUFC
Philippines Mineski Powercolor
China DK
China LGD
China Nirvana.MSI
China WE

All of these teams are familiar to most people, with the exception of 10,000h which marks the return of KuroKy and Azen. Other players are Miracle, JohnDoe, and Mary_Major. Also worth mentioning is that this will be the first time DK will be seen playing Dota 2 officially.

Follow the Premier League coverage at their official Facebook, Twitter and Twitch channels. GosuGamers will be there providing you with the latest news and matches from the event. The prizes are as follow:
1st - $5,000
2nd - $3,000
3th - $2,000
At the end of the season , the top 8 teams would have the privilege of getting directly invited to next season. The bottom 2 teams would be eliminated and hence would have to battle back up, right from the qualifier stage.

Premier League kicks off this January 4th. Buckle up for 2012!

DotaCommentaries - Official site
Facebook - Premier League
Twitter - Premier League


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