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Posted by Juelv "Heartz" Cayago at 29 April 2011 19:54
The star Albanian player talks about his DotA life and a little about the teams plans in the future in an interview conducted by well-known Russian site,

Hi, introduce yourself, please.
I'm Illy, also known as garter, I'm 19 years old.

You're not really a famous player in the DotA community, so you could tell us little about yourself, where you live, and where you study or work?
I do not even know what to say; I am an economics student, living in Kosovo (Pristina). I spend my free time playing DotA or playing with my friends.

When and how did you start playing DotA? Did you play for some teams earlier?
I started playing six years ago on a local network, but it was only three years ago that I started playing at a serious level with team eZ. Also, I played for X-Team with my friends from Albania, and after that I joined Annie, and now here I am [with A-Team].

Tell me about your new team, A-Team. How long have you been acquainted with you teammates? Why did you decide to create a team?
I was familiar with Vein for quite a long time, and I've always loved playing with him, so he offered me the chance to build a team with him and vigoss, and of course I agreed. We needed more players, but at around the same time, some teams like TeG and zG disbanded, and some of their players joined us.

What can you say specifically about Vigoss? After all, he was once a 'living legend' for the fans. Do you think he could now return to his former level?
I cannot say anything, but I think that if they gave him that nickname, he certainly deserves it. Before, his skills were lower when he had just returned, but now back to his previous form, and he has undoubtedly improved.

Soon you will take part in the tournament Intel Challenge SuperCup, and your opponents in the group will be the Danish teams, shift and Nordic eSports, as well as the Belarusian team PowerRangers. Which team are you most afraid of playing against?
I have absolutely no fear; I just want to wish them luck, because I am familiar with many players from those teams.

If you are able to overcome the group phase and progress into the play-offs, which team would you most like to play against?
I don't know; if I were to say a name then they will think that I'm underestimating or mocking them, so they are all welcome.

Do you and your team have any special plans for this year?
Our main goal is to participate in LAN tournaments. I hope that we will be able to take part in many of the upcoming tournaments to be held.

Are you going to look for a sponsor in the near future?
Yes; I think that with sponsors we will arrive at a more serious level. We will be very glad to cooperate with any organization that would be willing to help us get to take part in LAN tournaments.

How popular is DotA in your country, Albania? Are there any professional teams that could compete with top European teams?
In Albania, this game is very popular and many people play it. There are several professional teams, but they are currently inactive. I know the guys from the team Explode; I played with them often and I think that if they train they may be able to compete, if not with the top European teams, then at least with the best Balkan teams for sure.

This morning there was a new version of the map, namely 6.72. Have you tried it yet?
I have not played it, but I read the change log and I know that there are some changes for Treant, Terrorblade, and many others. I think that all these improvements are good, but please remove the Smoke of Deceit, because I have always get ganked hard in the middle lane.

Do you generally support the global changes in new versions, or do you think that IceFrog should only fix the bugs and make changes to balance the game?
Well IceFrog is no fool, he knows how and what to change. He will continue to make global changes and I support him in this.

Who do you think is the best player in the world and why?
Vein, because he can be!

Who's your favorite hero?
Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend

Who's your favourite music artist?
Linkin Park.

Well, the interview comes to an end. Any final shoutouts?
Hi to krenar, ditushi, beci, Luci and Toxi. And of course all Haters!

Roster: A-Team
Germany Kev (Captain)
Albania Garter
Russia Vigoss
Russia Vein
Romania Freezer
Romania RMP

Read the original Russian interview at the link below.

Original English translation by GosuGamers.

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