NGL loses chinese spice.

Posted by benjamin "Mephiztopheles" de la pava at 21 March 2010 17:34

The NGL offline finals had been announced not long ago, and getting ready to take place this April but now it has turned into an all korean+grubby finals.

TH000_ESL.jpg Photo by: ESL.

World Elite undead star, TeD, along with chinese mate and human player, TH_000 have both declined the honor to participate in the NGL offline finals in Berlin, due to scheduling conflicts with other events that had already planned to attend.

The NGL organization has not produced any statements regarding this matter, so for now there are two spots 'open' in these finals, perhaps they will bring the 9th and 10th place to replace them? No one knows as of know, but we'll keep you updated regarding this matter.

For now, this is the list of participants:

June Lyn Park
Jang Moon JaeHo
Deok Man Soccer Youn
Kim Sung ReMinD Sik
Manuel Grubby Schenkhuizen
Eom Hyo FoCuS Sub

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