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yB vs Pulse


Rank: #976 (984 pts)

Country: Sweden Sweden

Clan: youBoat

20 % 80
1135 4538
20 bets 29


Rank: #72 (1,033 pts)

Country: Sweden Sweden

Clan: Pulse Esports


Amount of bets: 49 ( 5,672)
Event: » GosuLeague Division 1 \ Season 2
Best of: 2
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: June 26, 2012 at 22:30
Posted by: Raistlin

Match description

Division 1 - Round 7


Division overview
United States Stream, with Purge

Comments (Closed)

Czech RepublicPinkam 5 years, 33 weeks ago
best out of 4?
SwedenRaistlin 5 years, 33 weeks ago
No, sorry, that's best out of 2.
SerbiaSubo- 5 years, 33 weeks ago
Keita disbanded or?
Swedenbonzajajaj 5 years, 33 weeks ago
keita won with 2-0, for thoose who cares:

this was the first time we played as all 5 since dreamhack and I honestly don't know what will be the future of keita's roster, it's summertime now and many of us lost alot of motivation the past couple of weeks due to bad results and split thoughts about how the game should be played. But we gonna play out this season of gosuleague and starladder, then I guess only time can tell what will happen.
Swedenchw333 5 years, 33 weeks ago
any VOD for this?
Otherzxcvbnmqaz 5 years, 33 weeks ago
#4 well played bonzaj
Swedendeucebag 5 years, 33 weeks ago
id prefer if infs was not the lone team representing sweden since theyre fucking douchbags, dont disband until 4FC has stepped their game up atleast please...
Swedenmaneatingshovel 5 years, 33 weeks ago



Try to keep going. You've established a reputation and a brand that far surpasses what you had as youboat or fearz and especially in this game which is exploding in popularity.
Philippinesxie 5 years, 33 weeks ago
#4. Noooooooo sad.gif



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