Overwhelmed but Happy

KOKOStern @ 29th August 2012 17:28 (Read 4,854 times).
Holy crap there’s a lot going on. My eyes hurt, I’m tired, and I don’t think I can watch another game. Well maybe just one more. Ya and one after that.

Electronic sports is happening. This is so cool yet my brain is in overdrive. Not a week goes by without some kind of huge Starcraft 2 tournament or some killer Dota 2 match-up that my friends are yelling at me to see. I’m so excited that it’s here and it’s real. I’m amazed really, how this thing grew and became so huge. There is literally not a day without something going on.

I remember when I originally joined GosuGamers. I wasn’t that into SC2 and didn’t know much. I used to play and watch Day9 several months beforehand, but I never really watched a lot of pro matches and kept up to date with all the players and competitions. I was still enlisted so I didn’t have too much time on my hands, and I vowed to get to know the scene once I’m finally out of the army.

Then it came to me - I’ll document my rise to Starcraft 2 knowledge, so that people who want to get informed will have a simple time. I started researching the entire scene, players, teams, tournaments, and started working on the format. Then I realized what I’ve gotten myself into - this scene is, for lack of a better word, freaking ginormous (that’s gigantic + enormous).

There is no possible way to document all that information in a set of comfortable compact features. I can’t list dozens of teams with backgrounds, or the hundreds of players. Heck I can barely keep track of all the events going around. Sometimes it seems like you can throw any three letters and there’s a tournament by that name.

I eventually got out of the army and still wanted to do the feature, I just didn’t know how. After several iterations of structure, I eventually came up with relatively simple Monthly Preview. The month of August was coming to a close and I started working on the feature. I asked my fellow writers about what events do we have as I searched online for details, and I was again baffled by how much is actually going on. There are so many events, there’s literally not a day of rest.

During that time, the Olympics were happening, and that age old discussion about games of the mind like eSports and Chess making it to the Olympics surfaced. It was interesting to read about big figures in the industry and what they think of the matter, and I found myself wondering if such a thing is possible. If you ask me now, I think we already have it. The WCS for Starcraft is, if you think about it, an Olympic scale tournament. Same goes about the The International for Dota 2.

Making one big event that encompasses all of eSports is problematic, because games change as franchises grow and evolve. The thing is, I don’t think we need that one huge event. The tournaments we have now are more than enough, and I can’t be happier with what’s going on in the world.

Today a person can make a living by working in the eSports scene. Whether he’s a caster, a player or an event planner, and though it’s still not easy, you can indeed work at the industry and make a fine living. There’s enough news about each individual scene to keep news sites alive and sponsors interested, what more could you ask for?

I love getting people into it as well, and the spread is really incredible. We have Barcrafts for fuck sake! I was at a bar drinking beer and watching a Starcraft match! Not Basketball or Soccer, but a video game! Tell that to someone three years ago and he’ll laugh in your face. I decided to run a BarDota, more commonly called a Pubstomp, for The International. I visited the bar the other day, just to make sure everything is ready for Sunday’s Finals. The screens work in full HD and the sound is great, we’re ready.

I’ve managed to open up a facebook event, and get more than 60 “Attending” in about two months. I was so inspired by Barcrafts that I thought, why the heck not, and now it’s really happening. Through that small event I’ve found a community of gamers and enthusiasts. The people running the barcraft helped me out and we’re making the entire gaming community in my country bigger and stronger. My steam account has been filled up with dozens of people to play with, and when I turn on Dota, I immediately get at least one invite to a party.

These past couple of days I’ve been making sure everything is ready for the event on Sunday while watching a ton of games in client. I love how much the companies behind the games support them in terms of eSports. If you’re into Dota you’ll know how wonderful it is to spectate a game from the gaming client itself. You can choose casters in terms of voice and camera, and every detail you’d possibly want to know is a button click away.

Getting baffled every time by the dedication people show towards the things they love keeps me happy. I’m incredibly positive looking forward and I know many great things are coming. Even though my eyes hurt and sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed trying to keep track of everything, it’s the best kind of feeling. As somewhat of a perfectionist, I can’t believe there’s so much going on, that I can’t fully know everything. I think that’s the true sign that we’re in the right direction.