The Dota reality

corei7.worldwide12 @ 2nd August 2012 18:37 (Read 7,331 times).
What is DOTA? dota is a strategical game created by eul and icefrog where you can play as team-mates.
DOTA is not just an ordinary strategical game, it is a balance strategical game where every single moment is precious like gaining gold, buying the right items etc.

DOTA is now known in the whole wide world and it grows everyday, more players recognizing it's true beauty which was created by eul, Guinsoo and Developed by Icrefrog.

How to be pro in dota? : Professional players say that the secret of professionalism in the dota world is losing many times. accepting mistakes and not pursue denial. Don't ever give up from a hard fall and improve your knowledge and skills. don't go for points if you're playing in a point system client like RGC or ladder games of garena and always take the opportunity to battle professional players and not to troll new players which will only lessen your skills.

Feed your mind, gain facts. explore. and you will become one of them. :)