Mouz vs iG Pings

BTS.GoDz @ 19th July 2012 22:42 (Read 9,344 times).
Reading of the GosuBet for Mouz vs IG:
Heaps of people asking about the ping.

We do not talk too much about the pings in game because it's not as important to the cast itself and not something we want to highlight during the match because it deters from the discussion we want to focus on: teams agreed to play on the server, and these games on USWest so we focus on the games themself!

Needless to say we will share the pings, but will not talk about them on the live stream excessively.

154 ms : LD
234 ms : mouz SingSing
258 ms : mouz ComeWithMe
258 ms : mouz Black^For my shining STAR
260 ms : iG.Ferrari_430
265 ms : mouz SexyBamboe
301 ms : IG.Faith
274 ms : Wicked
300 ms : iG.YYF
315 ms : iG.Zhou
288 ms : Tuski_atre
332 ms : GODZ
159 ms : mouz 1437

P.s. mTw were invited, has nothing to do with my "beef" with their manager as someone claimed : D