Played Dota 2 but not HoN

Rayzer.Pouty @ 30th June 2012 14:37 (Read 9,878 times).
What can i tell about it, without playing the game:

1) HoN is faster, teamfights happen in less than 5 seconds (lol).

2) Items are not too different from Dota.

3) HoN has some ridiculous heroes (Devourer, Voodoo, Swiftblade, the list goes on) which make the game unbalanced.

4) Graphics are overdone, there too much detail, colors and explosions and other flying crap which does not make the screen cleaner.

5) Community is not too friendly (know that from ggnet).

So I think Dota 2 is better, the game is just much more balanced and has better graphics. The fact that it is developed by Valve already means that once Dota 2 hits the shelved people will buy it, and HoN is just slowly dying atm.

Anyway, it's a matter of taste, but I still think that more people would chose Dota 2 over HoN.

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