Pre E3 News and Announcem

Geno. @ 1st June 2012 00:07 (Read 12,254 times).
I originally wasn't going to do this but I decided to go the extra mile and start writing today. The other thing I want to say now is that I'll also be posting some bits about MLG Anaheim since I got my Media Badge confirmed today. It will mostly be about Heart of the Swarm and the Brood War Pros playing in the SC2 exhibition tournament rather than the Spring Championship.

Interesting news came out today about MLG and Turtle Beach so looking at it further I realized it was a partnership and this was what the press release said: (open spoiler)

Konami is also going to have a Pre-E3 show at 10:30 PM PST to show off some newer titles. If all of you remember the game Zone of the Enders, the third one might show up on the stream so if you are interested go ahead and check that out. Another game of interest that might be there is Metal Gear: Rising. The link is

Tecmo Koei has partnered with the IGN Pro League to bring the "I'm a Fighter" world championship tournament. E3 will be hosting the first qualifier that will take place all three days and the finalists will qualify for the world championships. I'll update with the link when it goes live.

THQ has also released the trailer to their Metro 2033 sequel called Metro: Last Light. Here is the trailer for that

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