Izone.Joven And YaphetS

CarlXD @ 3rd May 2012 13:37 (Read 6,826 times).
Hello Gamers ! Sorry for my grammar :DD

I'm a big fan of YaphetS and Joven.I'm pretty sure that all gamers know the legendary YaphetS and for those who don't konw Joven, he's a dota superstar in the Philippines , people call him "Jovensanity" and he's playing for team Izone.

Well. I'm thinking, they are both carries and solo mid-laner. They both play well and so aggressive. Aggresive, but in a way that they can still farm well and they still have map awareness. I found one video of Joven,where he's playing Dragon Knight (his signature hero) against Chaos Knight, this is just one of his "wodota" moves during the GMPGL.

Here's the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dHETkRKPD4

Another one. if you can find a replay of Izone vs Orange (GMPGL 4-3). where Joven controlled Tinker.Nice laning against Kyxy's Tiny. Joven dominated the game having beyond godlike streak and wiping out Kyxy's Tiny and Mushi's Obsidian Destroyer.

There are more Jovensanity Moves, if you just watch GMPGL and GEST replays you will see Joven's play style.

I guess players like Yaphets and Joven are the best players suited for DOTA. Unlike ZSMJ, he's the best farmer but he can't dominate his lane like YaphetS and Joven do. They always dominate their lane and they are great farmers too.They have that pretty odd mind that can handle any situations even if their about to die they sometimes even get double or triple kill.

That's it. I also wish, can someone, maybe a video editor make a video for Joven like Yaphet's. I'm sure filipino gamers would be happy :DD