I do not like SC2....

WGT-Baal @ 2nd June 2010 22:48 (Read 1,983 times).

I became utterly bored with SC2 and therefore I thought i could write a bit about it.

I ve been an admin for a really long time. I love admining and managing CWs/NWs. But now this has become a royal pain in the ass due to Battle.net 2.0.
No channels, no crossrealm, emails adding (though this will be fixed at release, i suppose) is really annoying. You have to spend your time alt tabbing with any sort of IM to organize everything. And you cant really know who the other team has either (which is a big problem in doing manual draw)

Whilst I will stay aware of what s going on and try to help the upcoming Irish and UK A team to the best of my abilities, I will not buy the game in its current form, not for 50€.

I have several US friends, including my 6 years BW 2v2 partners, and not being able to play with him is really annoying me.

Moreover i dont like to play too many games in a row. After 3 of them i get bored, regardless of my results (win/loss).

I realize BW took a while to be balanced, and may be i m just getting old now, but paying for a decent casual game with a very bad gaming platform is a waste of money for me.

In conclusion, I hope Battle.net 2.0 really becomes the revolutionnary platform we were promised but in the mean time long live BW and see you in LA for the WCG!