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Aug 6, 2015, 12:30 PM CEST


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SK Gaming vs Renegades
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  • Niko "Nikkoton" Saarainen ,
    Why you add these matches so close to begining? I didnt have time to bet :(
    • Daniel "DTFds" S. ,
      We add the matches as soon as they are confirmed. We are sorry that you don't had time to bet.
      • Niko "Nikkoton" Saarainen ,
        Yes I know. Maybe you could add a system that automaticly notifies me when you add a value bet? ;)
        • Daniel "DTFds" S. ,
          you could be part of the fanclub of the high tier teams, so you see when they go live (on the top of the page, left to your username. You can tick if you get a PM, E-mail and stuff. Just go on a teampage and hit fanclub.
          • Niko "Nikkoton" Saarainen ,
            Yes I could. but the low tier teams make the best and most interesting bets. And I cant be a fan of all the teams now can I?
            • Daniel "DTFds" S. ,
              You can be fan of all teams. Its a lot of work ofc. But i can bring the idea into my team, add notifications when a match is added.
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