nEophyte eSports

Czech Republic


Best of 3 match
May 27, 2015, 6:00 PM CEST


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2 : 0

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nEophyte eSports vs ISKOLD
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Winner: nEo.CS
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  • veijo "Ibiza" karjalainen ,
    I think there is a mistake here. On HLTV Neophyte is said to play against ISKOLD at the given time and date in 99Damage Arena.
    • Miroslav "TehNoxxah" Holecek ,
      that's also what's on the official site of the tournament so yeah
      • veijo "Ibiza" karjalainen ,
        I'd suppose they're gonna close this match when they notice it. Don't know how I could contact any admins about this tho.
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