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LGB eSports vs Team Solomid.
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Winner: TSM.CS
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  • daniel "marisgard" wtf ,
    How does the winning values work here? Couldn't find any info, and seems like betting on TSM is giving me about 1.2 per 1 value, when they're clearly the overdog and should pay less. Does the betting system here work any different than Lounge? Thanks beforehand.
  • Tiago "sayon13" Farkouh ,
    Its just like lounge. But with 1% fee instead of 5%
  • Kim "Minikim1" Svensson ,
    how do you change the team ur betting on i accedenlty betted on lgb
  • Kim "Minikim1" Svensson ,
    okay RIP 0,52
  • Tobias "ToxiD" K ,
    I went all-in on TSM just to make like $1, but hey, $1!!
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