MistGames Heroes of Tomorrow Fall 2022

  • Prize pool US$7,451
  • Starting date 31 Oct 2022
  • Format 5v5
istGames wants to support the Nordic development of talents and help Nordic players achieve their dreams of competing with and against the best players and teams in the world. To reach the top, players and teams need experience. Both the experience of meeting new and more challenging players and teams, but also new and more challenging formats and situations.MistGames will be developing a series of esport competitions in different formats to help give players and teams that experience. For the first tournament we have chosen to invite teams who we think are just taking the leap and/or are being long-term committed to develop talents, players and team. In the future we will host open qualifiers for MistGames tournaments to give as many talents as possible the chance to reach for and achieve their dreams.


MistGames Heroes of Tomorrow Fall 2022
Starts 31 Oct 2022, 00:00:00 CET

Prize pool breakdown

US$7,451 *
Total prize pool
**Original prize pool: €7,500. *Exchange rate applied to USD: 1.007
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