Svenska Elitserien 2019 Fall

  • Prize pool $27,423
  • Starting date Aug 27, 2019
  • Format 5v5
Svenska Elitserien is a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league for the Swedish minor scene. Svenska Elitserien is fronted by Counter-Strike legends Emil "HeatoN" Christensen and Tommy "Potti" Ingemarsson. Sweden is divided into four regions: North, South, East and West. Initially, three qualifications per region are played. Each region has 32 seats. To play in a region, at least 3 out of 5 in the team must be resident in that region. The winners in each qualifier directly qualifies for Elitserien. Placement 2-4 qualifies for games in the regional series for each region: North, South, East and West. Elitserien will be broadcast live on twitch.tv and ends with final play where the four best teams make up the big prize money.
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