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Team Spirit

Russian Federation
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EU east rank
Best of 3 match
Jan 20, 2019, 1:30 PM CET


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Winstrike vs Team Spirit
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Winner: Spirit
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  • "maxdifficultyvpgame" ,
    VIP preds terms: You will choose between BET ON YOUR OWN or INVEST ITEMS on me. Lend on your own means, i will give you a good picks and we will be share on winnings, after the match take the 80% of it and the 20% of winnings will be pay for my service, no refund on this and must be deposited atleast 10$. For INVEST ITEMS, lend you items on me and i will be the one to bet and i wi;; give you the 70% of winnings and i will take the 30% winnings. I will show you the screen shot of total winnings, i will give you a refund to your items just in case i lose. NOTE: The fact that i already gave you my picks means you are entered my VIP tips and recoment to share the 20% of the winnings. TY :) .
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