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Jul 21, 2018, 1:00 PM CEST


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  • James "JamesJones" Jones ,
    Investor :Bradley Vinal.... Expected Item/Value for returning + profit : 93$+ . For claiming items i takes only 4-6 hours after youve invested. You can join our investment service. So that if you lose your personal bets we can lend you some of our items so that you can bet and play again. Pls do direct to message us and DONT HERE if want to inform. Just direct to message us for faster transaction. Need help? Just Message us. Want to Invest? Just message us Want to ask anything? Just messgae us. Cause we need 500 INVESTOR for this match. HELP US AND WE WILL HELP YOU BACK :) How? ⤵⤵⤵⤵ 1. We will borrow any item from you,we call it investing. 2.After we receive your invested item we will tell and show you what match and what team we placed your item ande this will be serve as your prediction. 3. After the match done. Wait 10-15 mins and we will message your or just messgae us. 4. Give us your trade link and let us the one to trade your original item and your profit. 5.Your payment will be based on the amout of your invested item. 50% of the value of your invested will be your payment ( Example: you invest 50$, you will receive 25$ as a payment and you will receive back your original item.
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