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I want to start with that today i expirienced for the first time in years the perfect team matching.

Even thoe we were only DMG/Le the communications was on top level i would say.

Info were given with only 1-2 quick words , no unnecessery voice chatting/bullshiting.

Even thoe we were getting destroyed at one point nobody raged, instead everybody tried to focus even more and offer a suggestion how to win the next round.

I've been playing 5vs5 CS for 10 years now and i really can't remember when was the last time when i enjoyed playing this game this much. Having teammates that understands the importance of remaining calm and present brings everything to another level. (sorry for the long description but i am a die hard CS player and i really love the games i had today)


So that got me thinging: With the trust mode getting more into work (in my expirience it's going in possitive direction so far.) Why don't Valve add a commandation option for players that gives a good quality of info, and to make it a top priority for matching people with simillar stats.

And also i am wondering why in 2020 with cs go using the PANORAMA UI for 2 years from now and as i said the trust mode gets better and better, why VALVE are not stimulating players to commend other players after the match finishes. It's something that League of Legends has for many years from now.

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