How would a game between a tier 1 pro team (Astralis, NAVI, etc.) vs a 5-stack of 2k elo faceit

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Hi everyone. I'm always interested in seeing pros vs amateurs, so here I am asking about a hypothetical game of a full tier 1 pro team trying their best vs a team of normal 2000elo faceit level 10s. How would the game go in your opinion?

I'm a lowly gold nova 2, but I'm a GC in rocket league (1600 MMR) and fully understand how garbage I am compared to pros (2400+ MMR). I've faced several and gotten absolutely thrashed. We're both the same rank technically (before this season where new ranks were introduced), but they're playing on such a different level that a 2v2 of me and a friend would probably end up 15-0 for the pros. I can explain exactly what they're better at (tl;dr everything), like boost management, aerial speed, backboard reads, power shots, etc. but I don't have a similar understanding for CSGO.

Can you guys try to help me understand how a game like this would go and what specifically pros do differently/better that would make such a difference?

Bonus: what handicap would the pro team need to make the game close? No AKs? Half health? etc.

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