Coach used spectator bug in 27 rds in a match EPG - QBF in CIS minor in a key map.

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So long story short. At the CIS Minor Elements Pro Gaming with Boombl4, Waterfallz and jmqa lost to Quantum Bellator Fire. As we know now, the coach Alexey "Nook" Kozlovski of QBF was using the bug for good 27 rounds of a deciding map.

Here's the match. It was in may 2017. As Hooch says in twitter EPG disbanded after (because) of that loss.

But in July half of the team (Waterfalls and jmqa) went under QBF tag. Boombl4 joined in autumn. NooK stayed as a coach until the CIS Boston Qualifier. That team eventually went to a major and made it to the playoffs.

How is it coaching players who you previously fucked up in such a manner?

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