Am I the only one experiencing consistently unfair MM matchups?

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I haven't had a fair matchmaking game in over 4 months. It's to the point where I don't even bother with it, I just play another game instead.

It's either:

  • me (hovering between DMG and LE) and 4 randoms around the same rank (minimum MG1) vs people between silver 2 and Nova 3, and we absolutely destroy them,

  • Or same scenario with balanced ranks on my side and a mix of globals and supremes with a single LE or lower guy on the other side

I don't have screenshots of the ranks and I don't really feel like going through dozens of demos, but I play mm maybe twice a week to relax and it's anything but fun.

I have emailed csgoteamfeedback twice about this already, I don't expect an answer but I do think something should be done to prevent this from happening so consistently.

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