Theory-crafting the new C9/FPX roster.

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Since cloud 9 have just announced they are going to be dropping their current roster and with FPX (and possible more new Flashpoint teams) on the prowl for a new team, I thought I would go through their possible options. Each section is done in order of most likely/ best choice

Complete rosters: The easiest option to get a top roster with much less of a gamble involved. However also probably the most expensive. I’ve only included teams that I’ve seen a possibility they are available to buy.

-Heroic Straight off a victory in cologne, this would be a great pickup and the most likely team to switch orgs on this list.

Heroic is currently ranked 2nd on HLTV but that is almost wholly predicated on a single good performance at a teir one level at cologne. The three young pieces on this team still have some growing to do and with experience could make this team even better. The issue with this team is that they just lost a very key piece of the team with their coach, Hunden being handed a 12 month ban. In addition, they have almost certainly been helped by online play and they are not yet LAN proven.

Heroic have shown a willingness to flip assets once they get to a top level and are very good at finding new pieces to do so. This makes a switch more likely for C9, however the relationship could have soured for FPX when their last deal fell through.

-Fnatic They fnatic are currently only ranked 13th on HLTV, however the online play has taken its toll. Their consistency on LAN towards the end of last year and the start of this was unparalleled. There have been rumours the org isn’t on the best financial ground and would be willing to sell the team but I don’t know if those are true or not.

-G2 This would be the best possible pick up for either team (that’s is in any way possible), however that also makes it the least likely to happen.

G2 are currently ranked 5th on HLTV with the pieces to easily be a number one team. The cherry on top is that the players have great personalities and on camera appearance, with a highly popular and prestigious player in Kenny, making them very marketable.

The issue with G2 is that it is unlikely that the organisation actually lets them go, or even that the players want to go. They are receiving top salaries and their style fits very well with the G2 brand. I only mention them because of a comment made by Hastro (Owner of Envy) that G2 players had been speaking to other Orgs in a twitter argument with Carlos.

Building a team from scratch: A much harder, but potentially cheaper option, building a team is very complicated especially with so many organisations bidding for the same players.


-Alex Best option currently available with experience on a top tier one team.

-Jerry Of lesser experience but still a good option if he’s open to leaving the CIS scene.


-Woxic Reportedly a high buyout but the best option for an awper available. Online he has suffered but his impact especially on LAN is amazing. Great moral boost for the team too. Average a 1.14 rating against top 5 opponents in the last 12 months. This would be the impact star player you’d be looking for to headline a roster.

-Smooya Smooya is only on contact on a trail basis currently so still available to be picked up. His skill is undeniable with an outstanding 1.29 rating over the past 6 months but his temperament has been an issue in the past. Added benefit of being a free agent.

-Maka Young talent who’s been looking great on heretics. Probably a bit young to go for a top team just yet though but has averaged a 1.14 rating in the bast 6 months.

-NAtosaphix A great awper but probably not the star player you would want to fill the position on a championship team. Has plenty of experience in tier 2 but limited ok the top level.


-Dexter This would continue the trend of flashpoint teams saving talents from lesser regions, after Bentet joined Gen.g Dexter has proved himself the best player in Oceania not on 100 thrives with a rating of 1.30 in the past 3 months. He also has a vast amount of experience including tier one LAN play

-Infinite Past comments have held this player back from joining C9 before however he is probably the best free agent in NA at this moment in time. Averaging a 1.14 rating over the last 12 months while also dealing with constant PUG teams and no real org or team.

-Shipz Though not showing his bets on contact, shipz definitely proved himself with the eye test and during his time on windigo. With a new IGL and team shipz could be a great addition.

-Floppy The best player in the old C9 roster by eye test and with a rating of 1.15 over the past 12 months, the best by statistics over the time period. In recent times osee has outshined him but floppy has maintained a high level. Probably the only piece you’d want to keep from the last lineup in a complete overhaul. Only issue is that floppy tends to under perform on LAN for his skill level but he is still a young player.

-Xeppa Looking very good as one of the rising stars in the ever over performing chaos, xeppa looks on a similar career path to grim. Holding a 1.18 rating in the last 3 months (the top rated player on Chaos), xeppa also has the added benefit of experience under steel.

-Thomas Though linked with envy, Thomas hasn’t yet been announced for any team. Being by far the best player on the rising endpoint team (ranked), at a rating against top 5 teams at 1.18 in the past 3 months, it would be Intersting to see him Join a real international team and maybe link up with fellow countrymen Alex and smooya

-Nivera Maybe too young of a player to be picked up but a very young player to build up into a team has worked out very well in recent times. Frozen, Zywoo, misutaa etc. Averaging a rating of 1.09 over last 3 months in his first real team heretics (who burst on to the scene earlier this year), nivera has the extra name value of being Screams brother.

Probably a few other FPL stars you could add to the roster to train up, as well as making a cheap addition to what will end up being an expensive roster.

Supportive/experienced elements:

-Kioshima Having previously played for a C9 roster and looking like the best player on it, kioshima would be a great choice. Depends on whether he would want to leave his new project in Heretics or leave the french scene. Past rumours and actions (that’s I’ve never really understood) seems to have damaged his reputation however. Kio is somewhere between this section and the star section.

-Olof Though life under Faze didn’t go well for Olof, with a new roster he could be revitalised. Experience a plenty with this choice.

-NBK This all depends if OG decides to go for a roster change, which with better results recently seems increasingly unlikely. However NBK is one of the best all round players who can play any role. Also has a LOT of experience setting up new teams and can help with IGLing. Maybe a strained relationship with Alex from vitality could be an issue

-Fer Another one that depends on the breakdown of a roster. Which looks likely in the case of MIBR. Though in a rough patch in recent times, fer has been the best part of the MIBR roster overall. Main issue lately seems to be motivation which could be fixed with a new project. Could be some PR issues though.

-Xyp9x Would obviously be the best possible option for a support role. The clutch king himself. Would depend on the situation he is in in Astralis, making it the unlikely move.

Coach (C9 already have theirs in Kassad)

-Adren By all reports and amazing tactical coach for liquid. He wasn’t what they were looking for in terms of style and hype but I’m sure would fit many other teams, especially one that’s being made from scratch and will need help with new tactics and style.

-JamesIRL Currently the assistant coach for C9 but I’m sure another team could pry them away with an offer of head coach. Good experience both with this C9 roster and previously with Ghost and steel.

-Spunj Probably the best option either team in terms of pure in game and tactical knowledge and understanding. From what I’ve seen though it would be hard to pry him away from the analyst desk

Thanks to the people who have read this far and I would appreciate suggestions and discussions in the comments .

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