Guys, I am at my breaking point about this. Help me?

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I hope someone maybe able to help about the issue I am having my goal is to reach out to MAYBE a developer that might help out a bit to clear things out.

Please read before trying to "roast" me or write something abusive, thank you.

Early July of this year I received a "Communication Penalty" Which I don't deny I am very competitive and at times I get stupidly heated towards racists/griefers etc. I then accepted my punishment and understood that I need to earn more XP to simply lift the ban off of my account.

It all started there. :

On July 16th* I've gathered enough XP to finally get un-muted but my account was stuck in sort of LIMBO which means that sometimes I would get unmuted and sometimes I would get muted which I found very weird so I decided to contact Steam Support in hopes that they would help me out on clearing this issue out.

At response #3 you clearly see that the Agent states that he "Reloaded" my account. Which after he did that that toggle on/off mute REMAINED. By that I mean even after I restarted the game I remained muted.

I then told the Agent of what has happened since the reload and what is happening to my account His response:

Ticket Closed. Since the ticket was closed I didn't play CS:GO and waited a response from them for 2 weeks - Nothing came to it.

I then decided to contact Support again maybe they have an update for me or atleast tell me I need to wait a bit longer for a response.

This Agent then states that I am now muted (I didn't play any games since the last ticket specifically)

I then attempt to explain to him that I already discussed this with the other Agent and gave him the ticket ID but he denied reading it and actually providing any help - His response

Forcefully closed ticket.

Then I attempt to contact the same Agent AKA "Hal" to maybe as he already knows the idea of the situation I am in.

He states as you see that my "mute" was "Not by mistake"and closes the ticket. Even though I didn't play any games since the issue arises on any official valve servers as I waited for the issue to be cleared I was put in a state of confusion and after I gathered all the links and messages to present to Steam support I get a message that I cannot contact steam support due to a cooldown on my account from making "too many tickets" (Due to them closing my tickets forcefully)

The date, August 29. I finish a match on Match-Making and after that enter a community server to play with a friend and see that my "mute" since July was removed but to my surprise it was the same issue as before. It was on/off sometimes I was muted and sometimes I was not muted. But I couldn't contact support so I remained like this up until yesterday - September 7th I log in to see that I am muted still by the system (when that happens I usually restart to check until it lifts itself so I can play in peace) But to no avail - Again muted somehow.

I then try to contact support but no answer, auto closed ticket with no reply.


I need to understand in what limbo my account is in as I am very very confused If a developer maybe able to contact me in private or comment on this post I would appreciate it.

Sorry for the long post but since Steam Support auto-closes my tickets I have no where else to try and communicate my issue to.

Please try to be civil and if you can help in any way, I appreciate it very much.

Edit #1: Spelling mistakes and more structure Edit #2: Date fixed from "January" to "July"

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