I am starting to hate ranked play

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I am sorry this is a rant so please bare with my stream of consciousness.

I am beginning to hate ranked play. This is due to the huge gaps in ranks I play against. I am a gold nova2 and I am consistently (at least every other game) matched with low silvers who have no idea how to play the game but wanted to que with their higher ranked friend. This is ruining the ranked experience, what’s the point of trying to play hard and rank up if no matter what I do I will still play at the same rank with the noticeably lower skilled players. I feel like the consistency of this happening has recently increased.

I think there needs to be a preference in settings so that you can choose only to play with players ranked x number above or below you. Additionally, I think the system should prevent you from queuing with players that have vastly different ranks.

I’m not sure if I am screaming into the void of reddit but if you got this far thanks for listening to my rant.

And before anyone asks yes I did just get out of a game with multiple silver 1s.

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