The map rotation system seems flawed to me and Devs should reconsider it

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While everyone constantly stresses that they want to play more and different maps the way this has been implemented in the game is flawed in my opinion. At first I enjoyed most of the maps that have been added to the game. Now I have lost interest completely because you just know that they will get removed again eventually.

Counterstrike is about learning maps and understanding how to play them. It is about knowing specific nade-lineups that can win you a clutch you otherwise wouldn't have won. And the way maps are added and dropped in 6 month cycles doesn't really encourage this kind of "perfectionist" play.

Of course there are players who enjoy the game mostly on a casual level but these are served best by proper operations with new maps, challenges and so on - not effortlessly adding a scrimmage map every few months.

TL,DR: Feels useless to me to learn newly added maps since they get removed after a few months. Quick map cycles should be done through proper operations.

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