The absolute BEST WAY to learn spray patterns in CS:GO

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Hey everyone, this is a brief guide on the absolute FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to learn spray control like the pros. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Install ulletical aim_botz from this page by hitting subscribe.

Step 2: Set up the ideal arena conditions

I always set the arena like this: close off all but one corner using the green buttons on top, and then restrict that corner to 5/6 length. Here is a photo to show what I'm talking about.

If you want to practice with a more close range gun like the MP9, you may also set the length to 4/6 instead.

Then, select the gun you want to practice aiming with, and hit "fast respawn" and make sure infinite ammo is on. If you have a slower PC or prefer a clean look you can hit Full Potato too, but not before you do the next step:

Step 3: Observe the essentials of the spray pattern

You can do this by unleashing a full spray against the wall (from relatively far away) and seeing how it behaves progressively. Here is an example of my observation of the MP9 spray pattern:

First, it goes straight up, then takes a sharp left and gradually moves to the right. In order to control the spray you have to do the opposite of these movements, so you pull down, then right, then gradually to the left.

What is very helpful to consider is the idea of hotspots in a spray pattern. What I mean by this are the areas where multiple bullets land in very close proximity. A spray pattern that has very notable hotspots is the M4A4 which you can easily control by keeping your crosshair down and to the left and then down and to the right at the right times. The MP9 too has very notable hotspots that you ought to remember in your spray control.

Once you have observed the essentials of the spray pattern and roughly memorized them, it is time for the next step:


This is, obviously, the most important step and as a result the most important information falls in this section. In order to practice, noclip into the corner where all your bots are. If you don't know how to do this, you can open your console and type "bind CapsLock noclip" (without quotes) or whatever key you might want to use. Then hit that button and fly into the corner.

Once you're here, you want to be standing approximately in the center so that all the bots surround you. Then, try and spray FROM BOT TO BOT, FLICKING as to transfer your spray. I also recommend that you strafe as you practice and shoot out a whole clip at once rather than doing 15-20 bullets.

The reason that this method is so important is because it will prepare you for ANY situation you encounter where you need to spray, whether it be a still target, a moving one, or multiple targets. This is in contrast to traditional spray practice, where you shoot at a wall and try and keep the bullets in one place, since that only builds muscle memory about the pattern, instead of teaching you the displacement of the bullets, which is really what you should be learning.

When I'm really practicing or learning a new spray pattern, I usually go about killing 500-1000 bots. When I'm just trying to warm up, it'll be more like 250-500. It's very important to switch up your guns frequently so that you're actively challenging yourself rather than simply relying on muscle memory. (I usually change from AK to M4 or M4 to AK after every 100 kills or so).

Step 5: Analyze

While practicing, analyze what is going on with your spray, and particularly note the shots that you are missing and WHERE they are going so that you can correct them. You can do this by looking at the tracers of your bullets, or even turning on the "show impacts" button located in the aim_botz control panel. Once you know where you are missing, actively try and correct your flaws.

I also recommend bonus practice in the form of deathmatch, retake, and of course, competitive matchmaking. The key is that, no matter what you are doing, you have a pro's mindset in that you are constantly desiring to improve and figuring out why you are failing. As long as you keep that mindset up and attend it with the proper behavior, you will become a better player.

That's all! Thanks for reading my post. If you think I said something wrong or want to give other input, leave a comment and I'll try and respond. Peace!

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