"TaZ gets csgo'd"? No, he wasn't.

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I've done research about this "csgo'd" from this clip https://clips.twitch.tv/UgliestAdorableFalconPanicVis


TL;DR - Its actually GOTV interpolation. He just miss his shot.

You can download DEMO https://www.hltv.org/matches/2341950/honoris-vs-apeks-lootbet-season-7


DEMO is 64 tick (actual match is 128 tick) and show us exactly same picture as it was on stream. Its interpolated from 64 to 128 tick, like matchmaking demos interpolated from 32 to 64 tick. So often you can see interpolation inaccuracy in fast scene.


BTW just some seconds before his shot demo is laggin a bit, but nvm.


You can turn on cl_showpos 1, slow down time and look at positions and angles before and after shot. In actual standing still scout shot your horizontal position will be the same, but in demo and video it wasnt - just bad example of interpolation. You can imitate exact positions from this shot with bot, but you need to do some corrections to bot angle. (bot_stop 1, bot_mimic 1, bot_mimic_yaw_offset 300+, i dont remember actual number, you can change yourself)

setpos -1376.82 -388.58 198.37 (for you)

setpos_player 2 -1621.90 635.92 95.87 (for bot)

setang 5.22 103.34 (for you, as illusion of shot) and 5.22 102.90 (and actual position where it was landed)

To imitate correct shot without mouse moving you can do it with console +attack -attack


Also you can watch from aKez perspective where shot was actually registred by server.


PS Shooting with scout from this range in standing position to center of enemy head will be 100% accurate.


TL;DR - Its actually GOTV interpolation. He just miss his shot.

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