Translation of Guerri explaining what happened between Furia and MIBR

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I posted the first part of this translation some hours ago in this thread , hopefully I am not too late. I had to stop because I had other stuff to do.

This is not a word for word translation, I'm condensing it to Guerri's talking points and writing them in the order he spoke. If you want to contest my translation, here's the original video

  • Firstly, and again later on, he says that Furia didn't lose because of the rollback. He says that they made a lot of mistakes and MIBR played better.

  • Then, before going into yesterday's match, he talks about how they had already played against each other in a BO1 at the Blast tournament where, during the veto, Guerri asked for the match to be played in the Dallas server, but the Blast staff told them that Dallas wasn't available and the match would have to be played in Denver, which is the worst location for the Furia players since they live in Miami and their ping for Denver is about 80ms. Apparently, Dallas not being available had something to do with the fact that that BO1 was the first match of the tournament so not all servers were ready. Furia lost that match but they didn't complain at the time.

  • In all other matches they played in the tournament (including yesterday's), Dallas and Chicago servers were available.

  • Even before the game started, MIBR's manager said they were having some connection issues with the servers. But they tested the Dallas servers and decided to play on them.

  • Early in the match, MIBR calls for a pause because they were lagging and asks Furia if they were having any lag to which they reply no. So they wait a little while until it gets back to normal. None of that is abnormal, happens in many tournaments.

  • The game goes on and Furia doens't notice any lag. Then on 12-12 arT on T side buys an awp and goes banana, the he peeks past the wall there and sees Fer crouched, arT kills him and doesn't notice anything weird, then he keeps pushing towards B and sees Fallen close to CT spawn but with half of his body showing to the B bombsite.

  • Guerri says that arT killed Fer at 1:29 in the round, sees Fallen at 1:27, Furia starts running to take the bombsite and at 1:24 TACO types "NL" (not live"). So at this point Guerri tells the Furia players to keep playing the round and when it's done he's gonna talk to the admins to know if they're going to have to rollback or move on.

  • When kng started typing Guerri told his team to not engage, "don't answer anything and don't go into arguments because this needs to be resolved between me, MIBR's manager and Blast's admin." And that by that he was just following the TO's orientations.

  • Guerri also says that keeping his players from arguing is his way of protecting them (from tilting or whatever I guess)

  • Then on Discord, MIBR says one of their players froze for 10 seconds and they had video of it. The admins say the match is going to go back to 12-12 and Guerri was fine with it, but arT tells him that when he killed Fer, Fer was playing "I saw him and he saw me, and after I saw Fallen he ran away". So in their perception Fer was live there and somebody froze somewhere else on the map. So Guerri asks the admins why is there going to be a rollback, but by then the admins said that they had watched the footage and damage was dealt before a player lagged so there wasn't going to be a rollback anymore.

  • MIBR's manager got upset, but then the discussion shifted from "is there going to be a rollback?" to "where is the match going to be played from now on?" and that was discussed for about 10 or 15 minutes.

  • After this time, Fallen posted the video of him lagging on twitter, that's when Guerri saw the video for the first time. Then he told the Furia players that Fallen's lag was too severe and it wouldn't make sense to go on the match like that and that it was better to rollback that round.

  • The players agreed, so Guerri brings that to the Discord chat with the admins and since now both teams want to rollback they agreed to do it.

  • But then Guerri says that from the moment Fallen decided to post the video on twitter "the damage was done" because he could've just posted it on the Discord chat and the outcome of the match would've been the same since the video was undeniable proof. But he (Guerri) is not obliged to believe in anyone without proof. The final say should be from the admin and no one else. Then, to reiterate his point he mentions casters/analystis from other countries who have been saying the same thing. Then he just repeats that if Fallen had posted the video privately on Discord he would've agreed to roll back that anyways.

  • Guerri then goes on to say that Furia is the currently the better team so it would make no sense for them to want to win off of tech difficulties MIBR was having because Furia has been winning most times anyways.

  • Then he explains how Furia is a hierarchy: at the very top of the org it's the partners and at the top of the CSGO division it's him. He is responsible for all the decisions, for protecting his players and for making them perform to the maximum of their abilities "I don't want them geting into any discussions so they focus on the game". That's his professional decision, it's not personal and has nothing to do with Fallen's or anyone's history. When he tweeted yesterday that all decisions were his reponsability, it wasn't to take blame from the Furia players, it was because he made the decisions, he told the players not answer the MIBR guys in the game chat.

  • He gets why MIBR got upset, but the situation would've been sorted out better if the video had been sent on discord instead of Twitter. The decision to accept the rollback wasn't because of public pressure as the MIBR guys said.

  • Guerri then predicts that because of this whole situation, in the next tournaments the teams will have no say in "fair play", the admins are just going to have the first and final word. And if that match had been like that, there would've been no rollback, but Guerri decided to allow for the round to be reset even though the rules were on his side.

  • He says that he's not trying to throw MIBR under bus or to offend anyone. They are fans of MIBR, they love their history and Furia is just trying to write their own story.

  • He mentions that this is the first time that anything like that happens to them. They have good relationships with all TO's and admins, they're never late, they always set up the cameras as they're told to and there have never been any complaints about Furia. So , again, he says that the whole situation would've ended better if MIBR had just sent the video privately on Discord.

  • Then he says that from the start of the match up until that point Furia wasn't lagging at all. But after that, on round 13-13 yuurih froze but they decided to not stop the round because arT was going to make a play on banana. It was a risk they decided to take because if arT had died they wouldn't be able to then ask for the round to be reset.

  • In Guerri's view, fair play happened. Maybe MIBR got upset because Furia didn't instantly believe them. But it has nothing to do with mistrust or denying Fallen's Major winning history, it's all about how these thing must be sorted out: via Discord, between the managers and the admin and without interference from the players. All of that because Counter Strike has evolved, it's not like the old days when these things would be discussed between the players.

Now I'm at the 17 minute mark of a 40 min video. But from here he goes on to talk about the post match drama, so I thought what he said up until now is the most important part. I'll be editing in the rest of what Guerri said soon

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