Why have counter stike youtubers gone bad?

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First off, I am 100% sure most people will get offended by this post, as it is a huge critic on youtubers that most people like. I am just stating the obvious truth, that has to be said.

I am really sad for some youtubers, who used to make good CS:GO content. I made a list of Youtubers that make mostly counter-strike content, what they used to do, and what they do now. I have mixed opinions about some, and I will leave them out.

Don’t take any offense by this, I know everyone needs to make money to survive, and youtube is sometimes not enough profitable. I just want to remind some people of what they used to be. I make videos because I enjoy it and that is why I make content I am interested in, even if I don’t get many views. Sadly for many people, money and high views are the only things they see when creating content.

I will also list the youtubers that are still really good even after 5+ years and are not bought by gambling sites and youtube revenue.


YOUTUBER: Sparkles

Current state:

95% of videos are over 10 minutes long, last month 90% of content were case openings, tradeups and gambling.

Used to make the world’s best counter-strike “moments” montages, funny moments, ninja defuses, and similar. Used to be one of the most popular youtubers, also case openings but a lot less than today.



Current state:

Of his last 48 videos, 41 are case openings, gambling, or trade contracts.

Used to make funny moments montages and sometimes case openings.


YOUTUBER: Nadeking

Currently, probably the n1 counter strike youtuber as far as views go. I have a lot of good things to say about him. He makes videos, that feature really good tips that are uncommon. He also has an Instagram account where he publishes hundreds of smoke throws. So he is definitely putting in a lot of work. A big minus for him is all his videos above 10 minutes (I'm mentioning this because he sometimes forces the video to be so long at expense of quality), and somewhat repetitive. It is almost only matchmaking gameplay. He is also many times going extreme with click baits (btw, didn’t know “smurfing in silver” is considered funny or a good thing to do, but he gets away with it and people watch it).



Going from a solid content creator to really bad. Has a lot of case openings and incredibly aggressive clickbait titles. All this is showing with a big viewership drop on his side.



Whoever has been following his channel, knows that he is at this point just dying out. Even though he has a massive amount of over one million subs, the views are really low. His old videos used to be super funny and unique on the scene, but after getting the youtube revenue he has gone bad with different bad moves on the channel (yes, Anomaly diss also)


YOUTUBER: Cruxal - now renamed to Grim!

If anyone remembers this youtuber, he has gone as bad as you can go. He now has no more counter strike content at all, only click bait random videos. Going for the profit only.


You can see a pattern with various other youtubers as well but there are way too many to mention them.



Youtubers that were great and still are (and not bought by gambling and such):







Corix | Counter Strike ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



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