Because of the hate I have for cheaters, I became addicted to the Overwatch system, and I want to

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The system is good and all, and in 90% of the cases I review, the suspects are obvious cheaters. Most of them use a weird hack that aim's to the ground the entire time, and as soon as an enemy appears, the cheat auto headshots them. They are too obvious to the point where I think an AI should be smart enough to catch them because they are just too inhuman,


The second thing is that sometimes the spectating breaks. I just reviewed a case where the suspect was getting kills and headshots, but I couldn't see him, becuase the camera wasn't on him. It was stuck in T spawn and the game is just fast forwarding. This caused me to report that I had no evidence that he's cheating.

The camera sometimes becomes tilted. Not sure if this is because of hack or because the spectating system is broken, but it just happens.


If there is anywhere I can submit a direct feedback to Valve, please let me know. Thanks !

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