For almost a week I thought I'm playing with the same people in DM

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I have names hidden in matchmaking, so I only see their colors. But I didn't realize it applies to DM as well. So for a couple of days the same names are popping in my DM's. Cat, bulldog, donkey etc. Everywhere I go I see their faces. I even started initiating conversations with them over the voice chat. "Hey, Cat. How are you doing bro?", "Bulldog, you sure seem to play a lot of DM mate.", "Daisy, remember me from last game?". But they never seem to respond. :(

It was today, on day 4 that I realized it. I left my bros DM'ing in D2 and went for some variety maps, but there they were again. Then it hit me. Those people never existed. I made them up in my head. After that first DM game my bros were gone. I was playing with mere impersonators.

TLDR: I'm stupid.

Thanks for reading.

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