CSGO Rio Major moved to Nov 2020 - all info here

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Hey guys,

It is now official – the CSGO Rio Major was rescheduled to take place in the November Major time slot (and I suppose unless you just woke up from a 3+ month long come, I do not need to say why).

Here are the basics of what you need to know (it should go without saying that I am not speaking on behalf of Valve, but relaying the information we have access to):

1) There will be one CSGO Major this year. The prize pools of the May and November Majors have been added together, making the prize purse for this Major $2,000,000. I would not draw far-fetched conclusions out of this.

2) The venue remains the same and if you have a ticket to the event, your ticket will remain valid. You can also choose to get a refund here: https://www.esl-one.com/csgo/rio/2020/03/esl-one-rio-2020-attendee-update/

3) Qualification and invitations for the November Major need be considered afresh – there’s currently no official information on who is qualified and who is not, and how all that will work. Those details, and others like content for the May Minor / Major time frame, are currently being worked through by Valve and ESL. It requires a great deal of work and consideration, so please be patient on this front as those questions are resolved.

4) Please note that the Champions Stage dates are shifted by a week (closer to December) due to venue availability. The new dates are: November 19-22. The remaining dates will be verified and provided within days.

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions in the thread. Those answers that do exist or haven’t been covered above I am happy to give. The questions I am unable to answer may still be valuable, if only to understand what people’s problems and concerns are that we maybe haven’t thought of.



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