CS:GO's frame-time consistency problem

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We all feel that CS:GO's performance is horrible, or at least worse than it should be. we see 200-300 fps in net_graph but it all feels horrible. well here's why: frame-time consistency.


What is frame time and frame-time Consistency?

Frame-time is the time it takes for your computer to display a frame. frame-time consistency is how the time it takes to display a frame varies, with lag spikes and stutter being more obvious the larger the gap between each frame is.


My Test

I did a quick comparison between Overwatch and CS:GO with respect to their frame-times. note that my mentions to fps are just to give a comparison for people who can't quite follow how big a difference we are talking about. I am by no means an expert, and I'm sure there are some people out there that can help with clarity and add more detail but here I go.



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Avg: 6.02ms (166fps)

1% Low: 7.33ms (136fps)

0.1% Low: 12.4ms (81fps)



Avg: 4.65ms (215fps)

1% Low: 9.88ms (101fps)

0.1% Low: 14.5ms (69fps)


This shows exactly what everyone feels. a worse experience despite a higher average fps. in overwatch, the only lag spikes are when I die and are very rare anyways. wherein contrast to CS:GO, lag spikes are so constant that its just part of playing, with bigger spikes periodically but more consistently than overwatch.


Something needs to be done

This game needs to be fixed. the main problem at this point is probably the source engine or just the game being so old by its self. the devs need to do something about this with Valorant coming out this year and all the performance and anti-cheat promises that they are making. I don't have any real solutions or knowledge either. but as a consumer, this is not a great experience.

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