Respect to flashpoint

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Just thought I’d share my take here.

Coming in to flashpoint with the scuffed intro and the tech issues, and all the memes about this compared to EPL. Especially with the tier of teams I thought it might be fun to watch maybe just DIG play or something.

But holy hell, the actual production (minus understandable tech issues) was insanely good. The music was dope, the break/half time screens with the pan of the stage was awesome. And even the atmosphere during the games, with all the classic trash talking (shout out to smooya) it just made it all so entertaining to watch. Also where the guys are just chilling after the game, drinking, having fun and talking about CS, it really makes it so relatable and great.

This is because it is made by the people who legitimately have a passion for CS and are in touch with the community and know what we want (thorin et al.) Even just the analysis parts and the post game segments are so entertaining. One of the only CS events with legitimately amazing quality content out of game.

Regardless of what we think of thorin, him and the team (semmler, Shean, Moses, Anders etc) really made this an amazing event that is super entertaining to watch. As it’s directly produced by them not just some company running it all like ESL.

Just thought I’d share my gratitude here. I’m rooting for Dig tomorrow, happy to see the 2014 dream team playing, specially with guard aha.

Happy viewing everyone, here’s to a quality passionate event given all the bad shit in the world right now.

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