MAJOR Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update for 2/24/20 (2/25/20 UTC,

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MAJOR Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update for 2/24/20 (2/25/20 UTC,

Game Update

Via the CS:GO blog:


  • Introducing patches – new customization items which can be applied to any agents you own. Once applied, patches can be removed but not recovered.

  • Added support for shuffling equipped agents in their loadout slots.


  • Added equipped agent to buy menu.

  • Moved display of item purchasability to the buy wheel.

  • Bringing up the buy menu will now center the mouse pointer to the middle of the buy wheel.

  • Added localization support for position of the currency symbol for in-game prices.

  • Added support for editing and previewing crosshair in the game options.

  • Added support for sharing and importing crosshair sharing codes.



  • Fixed a bomb stuck spot in mid

  • Fixed long A Wingman clip not working

  • Added additional clipping to mid staircase

  • Minor visual fixes

  • Prevented guns from clipping through the door near A site window.

  • Clipped the sign on A-long, preventing players (and the bomb) from reaching the top of it.

  • Improved clipping in several areas.


  • Improved clipping and geometry around A site.

  • Removed upper window unplayable area above B site.

  • Fixed players not taking damage from bomb detonation.

  • Improved clipping across the map.

  • Fixed bomb-stuck spots.

  • Fixed an issue with players boosting out of the map.

  • Improved visuals of CT / T Streets

  • Added bomb target decals to each site.


  • AWP crouching movement acceleration is now constant and will not spike after firing a shot.

  • Increased competitive max fps limit to 400 to support higher refresh rate monitors.

  • Fixed a transform matrix bug when navblocker was instanced via rotated point templates.

  • Fixed an underwater rendering crash on OSX.

Rumor has it:

  • /u/Shubbler has put up a quick clip showing how the new buy menu works

  • Some users have reported that the game crashes whenever you buy a MAC-10 and you have a skin equipped. You'll have to unequip any MAC-10 skins you have and run and gun with the default MAC-10 until it's fixed Grab update #2 if that's the case for you

  • Numerous translations are also included, which are made possible in part by contributions from Translators Like You - Thank You

  • Week 16 missions for Operation Shattered Web have not been set up in the item schema yet, we'll be waiting a while longer to find out what they are

  • Size is close to 600 MB - data capped users should be aware

  • This is also the reason why this one has been labelled MAJOR as this is one of the thresholds used (& tripped)

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