Week 14 | OPERATION SHATTERED WEB - Discussion, Tips, and Feedback Megathread

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Operation Shattered Web

Week 14: From Russia With Love

Use this thread to discuss any tips and tricks you may have found for this weeks six new operation missions, as well as any general discussion about the operation you have.

If you are looking for people to do co-op missions with, comment your Steam profile and region below, or join one of the "Looking to Play" channels on our official Discord.


As of this week (14), the total amount of obtainable stars is 89 and the total amount of completed missions is 88

Mission Name Description Reward
You Only Live Twice Get 8 round wins in Wingman: Train
Son of a Kalashnikov! Get 10 kills with the PP-Bizon in Casual: Defusal Group Delta
Gaining the Upper Hand Win 5 or more rounds in a single half of a Competitive: Cache match ⭐⭐
Space Race Step on 3 bumpmines in Danger Zone ⭐⭐
War of Attrition Get 1 Desert Eagle kill in Demolition ⭐⭐⭐
Avtomat Kalashinkova, 1947 Get 10 AK-47 kills in Guardian: Train ⭐⭐⭐



  • How do I earn rewards?

    • The operation features a battle pass format, and rewards are earned when you receive enough stars to reach the next reward requirement. You can earn stars by completing missions or purchasing them.
  • How do I upgrade my Operation Coin?

    • The only way to upgrade your Shattered Web coin is to complete missions from weekly mission cards. Your coin will upgrade after you complete 33 missions (Silver), 66 missions (Gold), or all 100 missions (Diamond).
  • Can I complete more than one mission at the same time?

    • No. Only one mission can be active at any given time, regardless if they share the same map or gamemode.
  • How many stars can I earn in a single week?

    • Regardless of how many are earnable, you are capped to 6 stars per week (with week 1 being an exception of 10 stars). If you are not trying to earn a Diamond Coin, you can pick and choose the missions you want for 6 stars.
  • I have not purchased the Operation Pass. Am I still eligible for Operation rewards?

    • No. Only users who purchase the Operation Pass are eligible for rewards. Any user who purchases the Operation Pass at a later date will immediately receive the rewards associated with their reward progress. Until the pass is purchased no rewards will be issued.
  • I completed a mission but it didn't track for me, why?

    • Make sure no other active missions are tracking. The best way to ensure mission selection is clicking it via the main menu page. If it does not display on the left hand side of your screen in game, it is NOT tracking.

For more information head over to the official operation page.

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