Jason Lake's undeniable passion for CS

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It something quite special watching Jason Lake in the audience watching his team (Complexity) at BLASTPRO series right now, as they face off against Astralis. After all this time, he is still there repping Complexity, still cheering on his team, still with the same energy and passion, hands on his head, sweating as the match draws closer, and closer, it is not just a win, it's a message, its a mentality. It reminds me of this documentary - https://youtu.be/XCN4HXZNU7M?t=7m43s from the early 2000's, highly recommend the watch. You can still see he has the same energy, it is something special to watch. Win or lose, I respect Jason Lake.

Edit: Reading some of the comments, a few allegations have come out against Mr.Lake, and personally I am just commending his enthusiasm for the game (at least what appears to be sheer passion) and how his track record showcases the same level of passion through the years. As far as what's happened behind the scenes, I don't have enough info to make a comment on it, but here's to hoping it isn't as bad as people say.

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