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Global League is an upcoming amateur CSGO league myself and a few friends have been working on over the last few weeks. We aim to run a league where players can play in a competitive format regardless of current skill level.

We will separate each team into a division, so the players are matched in playing ability as closely as possible. An example of how we would do this is if you had a team consisting of a SEM, GN1, GN2, GNM and MG1. Each rank is assigned a number (from 1-18) and the average of each team is assigned to a division.   In this case (6)+(7)+(8)+(10)+(11)/5= 8.4

The average would be assigned to div 4 as it falls between the range of 7 to 10.

The divisions would be ranked as follows:

Div 5: 1 to 6 average

Div 4: 7 to 10 average

Div 3: 11 to 13 average

Div 2: 14 to 15 average

Div 1: 16 to 18 average

This ranking allows for teams consisting of players from skill groups outside of the respective current CSGO matchmaking levels such as silver or mg to be allowed to compete with their friends.

We would like to hold a test run of this league to make sure we have solid fundamentals place and would encourage anyone who wants to be part of a competitive ecosystem but in a more casual capacity! Our subreddit can be found over at r/CSGlobalLeague If you have any questions feel free to ask on this thread, me and /u/jobengo will respond

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