Don't insult your team's bottom frag

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Listen, I get it, sometimes they make dumb plays and lose you the round and sometimes they even get you killed and yes, sometimes it is their fault that you lost the game but insulting them will only make it worse. They could be a fine player that is just tilted or having a bad day but you are making it so much worse when you insult them. I don't care if they insult you, just be the better person and don't insult them back. Understand that most of the time they are just snapping at you or your other teammates because they are already angry because they are playing bad and that means it won't take much to get them to either stay angry or get angrier and snap at people. Also it causes self doubts about their own skill and that very often can cause them to not even try. I'm not saying that they are completely irresponsible for their actions because they still are and if you are feeling like taking some out some of your anger on your teammates you shouldn't but at least try to not make it worse. I am a very inconsistent and momentum based player myself and I am saying this because I have been in situations where I have been on the receiving end and know how it feels. How can you expect a player who hates you to try their hardest and attempt to win the game for you. The mental side of the game is often overlooked but is just as important as the other fundamentals of the game such as aim and teamwork. It should only feel like you are fighting your opponents and not your teammates as well.

Sorry if it is a bit long, I have a lot to say about it and I haven't said much before this.

edit: corrected spellings and also i'm mostly fine if you do it but don't activate mic while you do insult them, it can be a good way to vent that doesn't offend them directly

edit 2: I'm not expecting or trying to change the community, just getting my thoughts out there but if changes even a single persons mind then i'm happy with that

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