Need help identifying pro signatures. Pictures in thread.

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Hey guys! I guess this is the best place to post this so here I am.

I attended one of the episodes of E-LEAGUE's Road to the Boston Major, as well as the 2017 Boston Major. I'm giving this info for a frame of reference to team structures/coaches at the time, since Cloud9 won this major.

The item with signatures is a calendar (Florida Panhandle themed since that's where I'm from). Picture album here containing each page. It contains signatures from QUITE a few people, each of which are on the corresponding birthdays of each player.

Two important things here: I'm trying to figure out what signatures I have that I can't read (I have the specific ones labelled in the imgur post). I'm also trying to get an idea of the desire for an item like this. I am no longer into the game as heavily, and would be more than happy to part ways with this unique item if it's something people are interested in at all.

If you can make out any of the signatures please let me know! Once again, sorry if this is not the place for this; I don't know where it fits best.

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