Zeus here, retired 10-Time Counter-Strike Major Finalist with a recently published autobiography AMA

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Hey everyone! This is Danylo Zeus, your favorite Ukrainian IGL, part-time whiffer, mother***** major winner and YouTuber/Streamer.

Over the past 4+ years I've been writing my book "Against All Odds: The Way to Victory" and now it has FINALLY been published in English on Amazon.

You can get a paperback copy ($25) here: https://is.gd/AMA_Zeus

There's also a digital version ($10) that you can get here: https://is.gd/AMA_Zeus_Kindle

In celebration of this massive self-sellout I'm doing an AMA on Reddit for the first time ever. My English is not perfect, so yes I will have a translator helping me with questions, but be sure all of the answers will come 100% from me. Ask anything that comes to your mind, from older to newer topics, from mild to burning spicy. I'll do the best to answer as many as I can!

Submit your questions in the comments below, and I will come at 15:30 Kiev / 14:30 CET / 8:30 AM EST to answer them!

EDIT: I'm here b*****. Let's answer some questions. PROOF

EDIT 2: Going to slow down on answering questions for now, but I'll answer any remaining interesting ones throughout the day! Thank you guys for showing so much support towards me and the book. I love you all and please, if you got any version of the book, LEAVE A REVIEW ON AMAZON. Tell me your feedback! I still have stories to tell and maybe if I ever publish another book I can make it much better. Much love <3

EDIT 3: Answering a final few questions! A lot of what you guys asked here is answered in the book (how I made it into the pro scene, how we practiced, how I evolved my IGL style, stories about different teams, advice from other Tier1 pro players) so feel free to check that out! Thank you everyone once again for your questions.


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