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Dust2: match730_003387828344333533340_1336113672_122.dem

Cache: match730_003387835978637901847_1334258262_123.dem

Mirage: match730_003387842640132178053_0133100207_123.dem

Inferno: match730_003387850772652752979_0948833718_121.dem

Overpass: match730_003387859171461300296_1746191266_128.dem

Above are five game demos from my favorite maps to play on.

Hey everyone. I would love some feedback on my gameplay; I'm a silver 1 player with shit aim and I really want to improve. any pointers or critiques are 150% welcome. The demos I have included are the five most recent games I have played today in this order: Dust2, Cache, Mirage, Inferno, Overpass(from least recent to most recent).

You can just paste them into console with "playdemo (the demo file)"

PS: round 7 on the Inferno demo is hilarious from my point of view. Just something thought I might mention.

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