Hard Stuck In Silver after 1600 hours

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And I know why, I have 1600 hours and a massive habbit of not clearing corners on by one and overpeeking/peeking everything at once and then moving my crosshair towards the enemy.

I try to improve in game but I can never because I get sucked into the game and forget what I should be focusing on and instead of thinking through things, i turn my mind off and just play. I practice Crosshair placement using the YPRAC maps but can never translate that from the practice session to ingame.

Also the problem I seem to have is when I do intentionally play like this, I play extremely slow when I do things properly and tend to get killed because an opponent plays extremely aggressively or It makes me play so passively that I have no impact on the round.

How can I start getting it through my thickhead that I should be clearing angles 1 by 1, what can help me improve this?

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