A petition for CS:GO to release a dynamic range controller

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Hello r/GlobalOffensive!

This post is a follow up on my previous post.

Consider reading it first for extra insight and some helpful tips on how to improve your audio in CS:GO and prevent your ears from permanently being damaged.

This post is a petition to add a Dynamic Range Controller to CS:GO.

What does a Dynamic Range Controller do?

It enables Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) which is similiar to Loudness Equalization.

This means, that sounds get brought to one level, making quieter sounds (i.e. footsteps, reloads, grenade sounds, ...) louder and loud sounds (i.e. gunshots) quieter!

Why do we need DRC?

Most modern competetive games have it, for example Rainbow Six Siege. It let's you choose between Hi-Fi, TV and Night-Mode which are just names for different levels of sound compression (low, mid and high compression).

It prevents people from cranking up their volume just to hear footsteps. If you do that, gunshots get so loud that if you maintain that volume you will lose your hearing over time!

Full Loudness-Equalization renders 3D audio (HRTF) useless. DRC does not do it (as badly).

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