As someone who hated CS for years, I finally understand the appeal

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I got into PC gaming years ago. Everybody talked about how CSGO was an essential. I picked it up, and almost immediately hated it. I was constantly getting wrecked. The barrier to entry and doing decent was insanely high.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out how the spray patterns worked, or what equipment I should be buying, and when to buy it.

I put it down and picked up many other games like overwatch, rainbow six, pubg, fortnite, etc.

I enjoyed them all, but always had a vague feeling i was just missing something when everyone talked about how they picked up their skills in those games from CSGO.

Fast forward to the announcement of Riot's "Project A". The game looks fascinating to me, and like something I would really enjoy. A lot of people started regarding it as a "counter strike rival".

Hearing that term made me realize that there will be quite a few transplants from CSGO who could make my life miserable. I figure I would get some practice under my belt so I'm not such easy prey.

Forcing myself to play, I started to really understand why counter strike is so enjoyable.

The depth of this game is infinite, and is entirely based upon skill  ...

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