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Hey guys, im someone who watches alot of dota2 and abit of CSGO here and there.

Would really like to know why does CSGO major not adopt the same format as DOTA2 by having a winner and loser bracket. I somehow really like the Swiss format for the start but i feel that it will be better if it's just used for group seeding for the later bracket. This means that no teams will be eliminated during that format but placed in the lower bracket like Dota2 International.

I love the idea of introducing a new challenger stage and felt that dota2 could learn from that. I believe a simple Swiss format is fine for that but when it comes to next stage where the best of the best are competing. I will want more match and i feel that all teams in the new legends stage deserved a chance to play at the main stage. Also, having a loser brackets ensures more games and not a 3 day break before it continues. CSGO should have a longer competition format to see how teams adjust to each other and whoever adapts the best will eventually win.

You guys could check this link of the Dota2 Competition. I feel that it will be more intense and fun to watch if there are more games and the pressure of being in the loser brackets will definitely cause some insane plays. But i'm relatively new to csgo competition and just want to know the reason for such short competition. Is it too taxing for the players or are there not enough funding for more games to be played

TLDR: Why not adopt dota2 competition format by having a loser bracket? More games + more competition + lesser breaks in between group & main stage + all teams (in new legends bracket) get a chance to experience playing on the main stage and be motivated.

Dota2 The International Mainstage Format https://liquipedia.net/dota2/The_International/2019/Main_Event

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