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StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 is the 15th Valve-sponsored Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship and the second Major of 2019 and as fans, we can participate in the Major HYPE by playing a mini game on the game client itself. The game is called Team Pick'Em!

Viewer Pass

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As was the case for the previous Major, you will need to buy the Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass in order to participate in the Team Pick'Em. Once you buy the Viewer Pass and activate it, you will be able to access the Pick'em Challenge. This pass also grants you access to receive souvenir drops as well as a few more benefitsYou no longer need to buy stickers for the Pick'em Challenge, as the new Viewer Pass system gives you access to all 24 teams for your picks!

External Websites and Apps to play Team Pick'Em

In case you do not have access to the game or for some reason, cannot make your picks, here is an option that has been presented to the subreddit to aid you in your quest to pick the best teams out of the lot! This way, you do not need your game client at all as Valve has opened up their API to help such people out!

Website: https://csgopickem.net/ by /u/Lucaber

(All feedback should go to this user directly!)

There might be other websites and apps out there as well.

How to play Team Pick'Em

The objective for playing Team Pick'Em is to predict which teams will go through the Challengers Stage, Legends Stage and Champions Stage. By picking correct teams before each phase, you can complete challenges that help to level up your Event Coin. Here's a list of the Event Coin Challenges.

Same as the last time, picks are locked as soon as a stage begins, so make sure you submit your first set of predictions before the Challengers Stage begins on August 23rd. Make a second set of predictions before the Legends Stage begins on August 28th, and a third set of predictions before the Champions Stage begins on September 5th.

You can make these picks in-game by going to the 'Watch' tab and then clicking the '2019 StarLadder Berlin' section - from there you can simply drag your choices into the respective slots.

Champions Stage

For the Champions' stage:

  • pick the correct winner for each Quarter Final match up, each semi-final match up and further, the Grand Final of the Berlin Major!

Make sure to lock your picks before the Stage begins on September 5th!

Some concluding Notes

Now that you know how to play these games and how the scoring system works, you can discuss what would be wise choices for these teams! Here is the blog post by Valve regarding the game. There is also an FAQ section at the bottom.

Please feel free to discuss your analysis and thoughts in this thread. if you are not sure who to choose, feel free to ask for suggestions here!

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