No Matter who wins the Berlin Major it will be a great storyline

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Liquid: NA's second major win and a legit one at that and it makes Liquid's era undeniable.

Astralis: They become the team with the most major wins in all of csgo history and put the Blastralis comments to bed.

Vitality: NBK will Join fnatic and Astralis with 3 major wins and it would be an amazing comeback story for the french scene.

ENCE: The reaction from the ence fans would be enough to drive Thoorin and RLewis to the OW scene /s ez4ence

NRG: The unexpected NA team winning NA's second major.

NaVi: s1mple would finally get that major win he's fought so hard for.

G2: Another comeback story not only for the french scene but also KennyS and Shox

Mouz: It would be absolute GOLD to see Karrigan win a major without Niko and great for the young players.

FaZe: Three of the best players to never win a major in Niko, Guardian, and Rain as well as a great last hurrah for the likes of neo and olof.

NiP: Get_Right's promised mic drop retiring on stage.

Mibr: Winning with a coach playing for Cold would just be hilarious.

Renegades: Australian scene's first major.

Others: Underdog storyline.

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