Game State Integration: A Very Large and In-Depth Explanation

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Back in 2015 I made a post explaining CS:GO's Game State Integration in more detail. Since then, I have received reddit messages here and there asking for help using it. The truth is, I haven't really touched Game State Integration since I made that post, as I had moved on to other projects. I figured now is probably a good time to come back and make a more detailed post explaining GSI, and what information can be pulled from it.

Originally this was going to be a video, but I realized while editing that it was getting close to the 10 minute mark and I had barely provided any real information. I still have all of the data ready to make a video if enough people prefer it over a large text post.

In closing, this post is going to be HUGE, but hopefully it will at least help a few people use GSI moreĀ  ...

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